Building a Sustainable Market Entry

Refocus, Rethink, Reframe, and Grow

Val Kratzman, Director of Healthcare at Business Finland, shares helpful frameworks to help as you craft your strategy for entry to the US Healthcare market.

This lesson covers the following:

  • Two Strategies on how to build:
    • Inside Out vs. Outside In
  • Systems Thinking
    • Reactive, Inactive, Preactive, and Interactive
  • Road Map – Idea to Market
  • Value as Dualism
  • The Competitive Advantage
  • The Strategic Advantage
  • Integrated Framework
    • Combining internal and external strategies.
    • This is a variation of a business plan canvas.
  • Market Entry
    • Do you love your company or do you love your product?
  • Venture Capital Questions
  • Healthcare Adds Considerations
  • Contextual Relevance Meets Market Entry
  • Balance and Challenge
  • Perspective – Comparative Environments
  • Set New Goals
  • Parting Thoughts