c-Watch FIFA2022: Cyber Threat Hunting and Analysis Training

A three-week intensive on cyber threat analysis and cyber threat intelligence formulation.  Students will gain foundational knowledge, tradecraft knowledge and hands-on experience with important leading edge tools for cyber threat hunting and analysis. The intensive is followed up with a one-week Capstone where students are given the opportunity to engage in a daily intelligence collection and analysis operation.  Students that meet the participation and engagement requirements are then given the opportunity to join the CrowdWatch, a cadre’ of trained cyber threat analysts performing contract services to ISACs, ISAOs, government agencies and private companies.

Course Information

Estimated Time: Three weeks, plus a one-week capstone.

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructors

Jane Ginn Jane Ginn Faculty
Nick Sturgeon Nick Sturgeon Faculty
Stephen Campbell Stephen Campbell Faculty
Doug DePeppe Doug DePeppe Faculty
Kyle Kweder Kyle Kweder Faculty
Christopher Robinson Christopher Robinson Faculty
Brad Rhodes Brad Rhodes Faculty

Basics of Intelligence-Led Defense

Fundamentals of Cyber Threat Hunting

Forming Cyber Threat Intelligence