c-Watch Training:

Cyber Threat Hunting and Analysis


This cyber threat hunting and analysis training program will help students develop skills for generating high quality cyber threat intelligence. It combines foundational knowledge, intelligence trade-craft training and tools training into a highly compressed intensive tailored for the needs of these times. Cyber attacks on governments, private companies, hospitals and health care facilities are on the rise.

This course is intended for:

  • Mid-career professionals that want to pivot to intelligence collection
  • College undergraduate students in computer science, information technology, political science, history, foreign languages, and many other social sciences
  • Graduate students in computer science and engineering, information technology, law, public administration, criminal justice and related programs.
  • Cybersecurity hobbyists

Bring your curiosity and confidence! Enjoy the ride!

Course Schedule

June 2 Kick-off and Cohort Intros
June 9 Virtual Beverage Night
June 16 Virtual Beverage Night
June 23 Graduation Storytelling Event


Tom Clarkson

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Startup Founders: $199

Startup Founders

Flywheel Members: $149



Self-Directed Enrollment

The self-directed enrollment provides online only access to the course lessons, videos, and materials. The student plan requires registration with a “.edu” email address. Pick your plan and enroll using the buttons below.

General Public: $99

General Public

Flywheel Members: $79

Flywheel Members

Students: $49