Marketing for Startups

Applied Marketing For Startups - 203

About the Course

The Applied Marketing for Startups course helps entrepreneurs understand how to solve the toughest problem startups face – how to find customers, retain customers and build a brand experience that drives loyalty and referrals. The assembled content in this course will provide everything you need to organize your digital and analog marketing strategies, drive inbound customer traffic, and improve your brand performance.

The class is offered in two formats; online only and weekly group sessions with the instructor. It’s designed to help active startups and curious entrepreneurs apply lessons taught by marketing professionals to their own businesses and projects. We cover the basic ingredients of customer discovery, customer segmentation, building a marketing strategy, and implementing through the best and most cost-effective channels to reach the customer. We will also introduce you to a commonly used marketing tactic, inbound marketing, pioneered by HubSpot. Inbound methodology emphasizes drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and branding. The course will also cover other techniques such as conferences and networking.

Virtual group sessions occur over a 6 week timeframe and include a bonus 1-hour session with the instructor. We meet Tuesday nights from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM each week starting on June 30, 2020 and ending on August 4, 2020. Each week we will use the 1.5 hours to pose questions and answers from the lesson as well as help each participant brainstorm solutions. Online classes can be accessed and completed at any time.


Ryan Forrest – Instructor

Ryan Forrest is the founder & Chief “Fun Guy” at Fungi Marketing. He has been on the digital marketing scene for the last decade, working closely as a strategic consultant, account manager and analytics advisor for small bricks and mortar businesses all the way up to global 100 industrial manufacturers (dozens locally here in the Triad as well as national brands). He also works closely with Flywheel, having designed and built, our email welcome series, managing several of our other websites (including this course site), and consulting on digital marketing / analytics.

Group Sessions Enrollment

The group sessions course consists of 6 instructor led sessions and includes online access as well as 1 hour of one-on-one consulting with the instructor. The student plan requires registration with a “.edu” email address. Pick your plan and enroll using the buttons below.

General Public: $124

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Flywheel Members: $84


Students: Free


Online Only Enrollment

The online only course consists online only access to the course lessons, videos, and materials. The student plan requires registration with a “.edu” email address. Pick your plan and enroll using the buttons below.

General Public Online: $49

General Public

Flywheel Members Online: $39


Students Online: Free